Posted by: DD | January 30, 2009


Mr. DD is making supper and XBoy is playing with ZGirl. This is one of many yet to come posts pounded out in a hurry.

The other day, I pulled a mint out of my pocket and popped it in my mouth. XBoy asked me if it’s a kind he might like or if it’s “hot” (spearmint). I said he could try it if he wants, but yes it might seem “hot”.

He told me no thanks and that he prefers gum. Nicorette gum.

*double take*

“Do you mean peppermint,” I asked.

“No,” he said, “nicorette.”

I tried to keep my tone calm because I know if I start to freak out, he’ll sense that he might be in trouble and clam up.

“Where have you heard of nicorrete? On TV? School or daycare?”

“TV,” he replies, pauses, and then adds, “and day care.”

“Did one of the kids bring nicorette gum to day care?”


“Did he ask you if you wanted a piece?”


“Did you take one?”

“Nah. It was cinnamon and I don’t like that kind.”

After a couple more questions I found out who the kids were and made a note to mention it to the Director. The boys are in the 10 year old range and one has been in a lot of trouble and in fact his parents were asked to find another care provider for him.

You know that if you talk to kids about drugs, you cover alcohol, cigarettes, pot, etc. Would you have ever thought that you needed to talk to the kids in your life about goddamn gum?! It certainly never occurred to me.



  1. Holy crap. Kids are certainly creative these days. Guess you’d better lock up the kids and only let them out when they’re 35.

  2. That is something that never crossed my mind. And I don’t think it would have, in a million years. Scary stuff to look forward to. Can they just stay under three forever?

  3. I am in shock here… maybe I will have to home school after all! OK maybe not!

  4. Never crossed my mind at all. I know that in the first year of big school when the youngest are around 11 that drug dealing at the gates is commonplace but Nic-orett.e gm never!

  5. nope…never thought of gum. crap

  6. I can blow your mind even more….a few years ago we had trouble with “stickers”..yes stickers that were laced with LSD floating around our town. We had to talk to all the grade school kids about not accepting stickers from people and not putting them on or near their mouths….really really burst my “i live in a perfect town” bubble.

  7. OMG, note taken, I will be very very aware!

  8. Wow!

  9. GAH! I never thought of that either! I warned them about the usual, plus the over the counter cough syrups, and the cleaning supplies and aerosol stuff, candy-lookalikes, and a couple other things, but I NEVER even thought of nicorete gum… do they have to be 18 to buy it, out of curiosity?

    Geeze. Why can’t I just lock them up until they’re 40.

  10. That is totally messed up!

    It never occurred to me that anyone would even think about wanting Nicorette unless they needed it.

    The next time the commercial comes on I guess I will talk to The Squad.

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