Posted by: DD | March 2, 2009


Had typed out one of my funniest and informative posts ever and wordpress kicked me out because I walked away in the middle to go eat my sloppy joe.

*insert swearing here *


ZGirl has had some seriously high, high fevers – 101+ – over the past couple of days.

Two weeks ago, doctor visit: just a cold.

Last week, a doctor visit: pink eye, chest congestion.

Last night, doctor visit: influenza (nope, swab was negative); pneumonia (nope, negative chest xrays); she’s got an infection.

This afternoon, a doctor visit: ear infection, again! In both ears, again!

This time I remember to tell the pharmacy to flavor the AB. Unfortunately, didn’t realize that the doctor who saw my daughter, who knows we go to a day care, who prescribed nebulizer treatments 3x a day, also decided to write the script for albuterol in the mix-it-yourself variation. *insert more swearing here*

Maybe I’m just crabby because I have a UTI, the first in oh, 20 years? And all I had to do to get a script was call my OB.

Nah. I’m just darn crabby.



  1. Poor sick things! UTIs are the worst. I haven’t had one in 10 years but I remember.

  2. So are tubes in Zgirl’s future? Is that something they still do? I had them at 10 months after too many ENT infections to count.

  3. watch out for those frogs DD.

  4. I will swear on your behalf: SHIT!

    Maybe you couldn’t just hose down your entire family in bleach. Inside and out.

  5. Blogdesk saves me so much time. It is a blogwriter you can keep on your desktop and it saves whatever you write.

  6. Get well soon! Poor little Z girl.

  7. That just plain sucks! No wonder you are crabby!

  8. Hope you’re drinking your cranberry juice. Hope you and the fam get well soon… and stay that way.

  9. Well, poop. Last I checked that isn’t a swear.

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