Posted by: DD | March 6, 2009


After weeks of ZGirl being sick with an upper respiratory infection of one kind or another, I wonder some days if she will ever be well again. Seriously, how many colds and ear infections will she have?

Then the other day we noticed that out of nowhere, a growth had appeared on her upper lip. I wish I could say it was a “beauty” mark, but it was anything but.

It was large and raised and had a rough surface. It even had a crater-like center.

Just as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared.

We took pictures, but I’m not sure if we should take her to see yet another doctor.

Below is the picture. Brace yourself. It’s rather graphic.














Snot makes a pretty good glue.

If you’re really desperate that is.



  1. That is totally the picture you have to put in her high school yearbook when the parents put in the “ads” about how proud they are of their graduating seniors. That’ll really teach her to treat you well.

  2. Wait until high school to have that growth removed…then she’ll be so happy that she won’t even bother asking for the breast implants!

    She is adorable…

  3. Too freaking cute!

  4. You are RETARDED!!!

    That is one beautiful girl… growth or no growth!!!!

  5. That isn’t a growth is it, it’s a cheerio, isn’t it?

    • Lord, woman, I hope they have you change meds and quick, too. Yes, it’s a cheerio.

  6. That is SO FUNNY. I love it.

    How did you make it go away? Proactive?

    • When I was writing this post, all I could think of was that scene from Uncle Buck: “Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!”

      If you have no idea of which I speak, go to your nearest video store and rent the movie.

  7. Oh man, she has the bluest of blue eyes doesn’t she!


  8. Yeah right…don’t waste the money on a doctor–just walk over to her and suck it right off her face 🙂

    (eww, that was gross, even for me:)

  9. I’d return her and try to get a refund if I were you.

  10. Ha! You got me.

    God that’s an adorable child.

  11. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa. That is great. Really gave me a good chuckle on a cruddy day. Z girl is one beautiful baby even with snot n cereal on her face.

  12. She is beautiful even with Cheerios as a added attraction.

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