Posted by: DD | March 19, 2009


It’s just one calamity after another over here.

This daycare business is making my butt clench up tighter than a young nun’s thighs at a frat party. I’ve been given several names of private care-givers but so far I haven’t found any that have an opening for a baby.

Add to that, my dad was re-admitted to the hospital Monday night. Since my last post was overly long, I’ve shortened his situation into a bulleted timeline:

  • Massive blood loss (blood count 9 for you medically-savvy readers)
  • Plummeting blood pressure
  • Colonoscopy (negative)
  • Endoscopy (pancreatic ulcer – cauterized) (blood thinners mixed with chronic ulcer = mucho blood loss)
  • Resting and recovering

Next stop? Back to the nursing home to continue his physical therapy.

Whatever happened to the good old days of dreading / anticipating CD1?



  1. So, you are saying, no time for bonbons and Lifetime movies?

  2. When it rains it monsoons, huh?

  3. I am so sorry about your dad, I hope he is back home soon. I know you will find a good daycare for Z very soon. We really like the home care our son is in because he gets a lot more personal attention. Good luck.

  4. Best wishes.

  5. Good Lord, DD. I’m sorry dude. Send you some Xanax?

  6. I’m sorry about your dad’s setback. Hope he is on the mend soon.

  7. Oh, my.

    I hope your Dad gets well soon,



  8. Geez! (is that how you spell it?)

    I hope he’s got a speedy recovery underway.


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