Posted by: DD | April 21, 2009


What if I told you I’m retiring from blogging?

I’m not. I just wanted to get your commenting juices flowing. You’d have to cut off my fingers to get me to stop blogging. Then you’d have to remove all pencils with eraser heads on them because I swear I would tap out a post, letter by letter, by holding one in my mouth.

What if I told you I’m pregnant au natural?

I’m not. I just wanted to get your blood pumping, whether in excitement or anger. And pregnant naturally?? HAHAHAHA ***wiping jovial tears away***! You guppy.

What if I told you that the daycare dropped ZGirl on her head…again?

They didn’t. I just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention. Still looking for a replacement though so that whole lightning doesn’t strike twice thing doesn’t help me much.

So, do I have your attention? Good. You’ll need it for later.

Now . . . run along.



  1. OK i’ll bite. who’s getting a ct scan?

    • HA! No one. The CT is in reference to the one ZGirl had after being dropped on her head by daycare.

  2. so what are you holding out on?

  3. gah!!! I’m vulnerable dammit!! I would believe you if you told me that you had given birth to the two-headed baby of Elvis who came to you in a goddamn spaceship!!!

    argh…. moving on to read your newest post….

  4. you made me slap myself in the head with the 3rd one……. I fell for it.

  5. The third one got me… seriously I wouldn’t put anything past those idiots. Still here still reading 🙂

  6. Yes, still reading 😉

  7. Sneaky girl.

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