Posted by: DD | May 5, 2009


Said last night by XBoy while I was tucking him in:

ZGirl makes me happy.

I can now die happy, but I hope I don’t (just in case you’re listening, karma).



  1. Karma won’t let you die. It will simply subject you to about 15 years of raging sibling rivalry. You’ll have to make this post into a giant photo and put it up on the wall to remind yourself when they’re pummelling each other in 5 years.

  2. Remind him he said this when she is 2 and has just destroyed something of his!

  3. Too sweet!

  4. Ah, what a sweet big brother! It’s moments like this that keep us going through all the fighting, yelling, biting, and whining times.

  5. Aww!

  6. oh man. too sweet. and a nice counterpoint to your post about mr. d.

  7. Yeah……I remember those days. Maggie was soooo sweet. Always kissing “Baby-Will”, rubbing his fuzzy hair, blowing raspberries on his belly….
    good times, good times.

    Now they fight over who gets to sit in “Daddy’s chair” in the morning, who gets out the door first, the broken toy that I haven’t thrown away yet, every!single!friggin!crayon in the box.

    Enjoy it DD, hopefully yours will last longer than mine has.

  8. aww, that’s SO sweet.


  9. Ahh – he is a love.

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