Posted by: DD | May 19, 2009


I remember at different times reading or hearing this question from parents:

How do I keep my baby still when changing their diaper?

And I always thought, wow, you’re an idiot because you’re an ADULT and the squirmy individual in question is a BABY. Good lord. You outweigh them by a good 100 lbs at least.

Remember, I’m Judgey McJudgemental, or something.

ZGirl loves being on the changing table. When she was a newborn, she could be hungry or tired or whatever crankification overcomes newborn, but once we put her on the changing table she always calms down.

But…and you knew there had to be one – or should I say – Butt…

That girl will have quite a career in wrestling if she can keep up her current physical abilities or at least, be able to wipe the floor up with XBoy when the sibling rivalry takes on a physical manifestation.

I can have her laying (lying??) on the floor in front of me for either a dressing, an undressing or a diaper change, whatever, and have a firm hold of one leg and the little snit can twist herself over to her front like she’s preparing for a wheelbarrow race before I can even position a diaper under her little behind.

I now have to snug up my legs on either side of her body so she can’t roll over. Obviously this is when the latent banshee comes out. I’ve even had to go so far as putting her down in front of me so I could position one leg over her chest while I work on the other end.

Post-bath is the worst time. Pajamas? Bitch, please! Diapers? They’re for babies pussies!! It’s Happy Naked Time and I’m not going to let you take away the “naked” and if I have to, I’ll give you UN-happy. So by the time I’ve been able to wrangle one teeny tiny Tasmanian devil into a diaper, especially if I’ve failed to amuse her for the one eternal minute with something shiny (my necklace even though she broke it) or crinkly (plastic bags are dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, but holy hell, they can offer 30 seconds of quiet zoning) or her favorite distraction – a wipe that she will tear up into little pieces and eat – I feel as if I should throw up my arms and look at the timer while I get my horse.

What? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Then you need to watch this short little google video that demonstrates what Baby Wrangling is like. You can skip the first 40 seconds and just watch the last 20, if you’re in a hurry.

And while my daughter makes a complete fool out of me and my inability to keep her still for just a few minutes, I will still mock you if ask how to keep your baby still during diaper changes. Because I’m a bitch, that’s why.



  1. I had that problem for a time, when my daughter decided she didn’t want to stay still. She’s much more cooperative, now that she’s just about ready for potty training.

  2. I’m only beginning to see this stage and I HATE it already.

    How can something so small outsmart me so fast? My degree is a waste of fucking paper.

  3. Ugh, Bridget was the same way. Still is sort of. I call her the Naked Bandit because any time she can get away in the midst of a diaper change she is off and running, squealing with joy.

  4. The worst is when they are perched on those changing stations in public loos and you need to stop them touching anything gross in the vicinity. Yukk.

  5. I pin them down with one leg, just like you described…I long for the days of early potty training sometimes, even though I know it won’t work yet…sigh…

  6. Mine always paid me back by peeing on me.

  7. Destructor has just started trying to throw himself off the table mid-change to escape the evil awful diaper as well. That’s if he’s not too busy pulling on his junk or trying to cover his hands in poop or diaper cream, of course. So much fun eh?

  8. I used to think the same thing. I was all “You are the grown up. You are in charge. Let them know that is unacceptable.” I truly believe that is the entire reason the universe allowed my pregnancy to happen stick this time – just so that I have to eat my words. Tessa is a demon on the changing pad. She doesn’t flip so much as kicks. She brings her feet up over her head and then flings them down because she likes the thump sound it makes. It is like putting pants on a cat.

  9. Oh and she catapulted out of her exersaucer yesterday! She is only 9.5 months old! Sabrina NEVER even tried to escape.

  10. I remember the wrestling. It still happens. Many and varied were the distraction techniques we attempted. There was lots of singing. Lots and lots of singing. Just more parental humiliation really.

  11. My daughter is just slipping into this phase. I’m hoping we can succeed over her! But I’m not betting any money on it…..

  12. I always change Kenna on the changing table. For awhile, I had to strap her in and use my forearm to hold her chest down while I put on her diaper. Mostly, she is cooperative, though.

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