Posted by: DD | May 21, 2009


05.20 clown (7)_edited-1Yeah, yeah. She looks cute (or like a mini clown, which is kinda creepy in a way), yada yada yada, but the reason I’m posting this picture is BEHOLD!! It has a copyright on it!!

I did it allllllll by myself.

Yep. 10 months after my husband got me photoshop for Christmas, I actually figured one option out. I have to give props to the 1 credit course I’m taking at the local college (I won’t even go into how I want to reach across the work station and punch the kid in the neck who’s a totally obnoxious, non-stop talking, loudmouth dolt who is there only to get himself out of financial probation by taking a “pud” course).

Alright. That’s all I wanted to show you. Move along now.



  1. You can see your husband in her in this pic. (And congrats on learning something!)

  2. What a fabulous outfit!

  3. Way to go Z girl!!!!

  4. I wore that same outfit to the grocery store yesterday!

  5. Congratulations on conquering (one aspect of) photoshop! We use it occasionally at work, and it is quite complex.

    Zgirl is adorable – clown costume or otherwise…

  6. Yay, Zgirl!!
    Yay, DD!!!

  7. ohmygawd, that girl is TEH cute!

  8. Congratulations! Awesome accomplishment!

  9. Have fun in Photoshop – I practically live there!

    Regarding copyright, unless you register your © with the US Library of Congress/© office), you won’t have any recourse if someone takes one of your images and uses it. You can register a whole bunch of things at once, and the info can be found here: Use the VA form (Visual Arts).

    I hope you don’t mind the assvice, I just want to help out. Of course, you may already know this information in which case I’ll just move along now.

    Cute outfit, BTW 😉

  10. She is just too cute!! (Even in the scary clown outfit.)

  11. I need to learn this, of master of photoshop.

  12. She is getting SO big! Your copyright is in the way 😉

  13. Coming late to the party (holiday weekend here) – what a cutie even with punch drunk all over her midsection!

  14. How come I never look that cute when I’m holding on to something?

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