Posted by: DD | June 2, 2009


Anyone else see a resemblence to Chuckie the Doll in a couple of these pictures?? Not a good look.



  1. I have just achieved zero-cranky-zero myself.
    It’s exhausting.

  2. hahahahaha

    Kids really are ‘amazing’ when it comes to drama and mood swings.

  3. Cutest. Photo series. Ever.

    Though, yes, now that you mention it there definitely is that Chucky-ish thing going on there. But it’s adorable. Really, it is. Well, mostly adorable, anyway.

    • Proof that she is not always batting her baby blues at us in some adorable fashion. She’s definitely got her grumpy on.

  4. Reminds me of me on Clomid.

  5. OMG- she’s just adorable. I’ve just been catching up on your last 50 or so posts. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job. Are you still temping, or did you find something permanent yet? How stressful.

  6. I love the 2nd from last picture – it’s kind of a “Hey Crazy Lady! Stop taking f’ing pictures” expression.

    We only go from zero to cranky at our house. The return from cranky to zero involves screams, pouts, tears, and then finally hugs.

  7. So cute! My Sweetpea does the same thing!!

  8. hee hee. Maybe her panties are binding her too.

  9. Thank you for making me laugh out loud.

  10. Chuckie or not, she is cute!

    It’s amazing how they can span the gamut of emotions in something like 3 seconds.

  11. She is way to cute for a chuckie look alike! 🙂

    I do love the short attention spans when it comes to trying to distract the little boogers though! 🙂

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