Posted by: DD | June 20, 2009


Scan5_0005_005Yes, this was me. 12 years ago today. Yes, this was intentional. If you knew how thin and fine my hair is, you’d realize that this is nothing short of a godalmighty miracle, getting my hair to look like a lion’s mane.

It also ended up in a the much quieter and simplier updo for our wedding a few hours later. You can refer to the past posts regarding my wedding here, and here, and of course, here.

Some of you have known me for almost four years now. Some of you are new here. How ever long you’ve known  me, you certainly can appreciate the patience and love and ultimately, the thick skin, it takes to put up with me every day, all day, for not just the twelve years of marriage, but the additional five years it took for me to get him down the alter.

Especially when there are days I wake up looking like that, WITHOUT the help of professional.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. DD. I love you more than ever.



  1. Well congratulations on number 12! I wish you all the best in many, many more years to come.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    I still can’t get over his pony tail in those photos!!

  3. And they said it wouldn’t last 🙂

    Have a great anniversary and maybe even some hubabuba 😉

  4. Awww Happy Anniversary sweetie!!! Here is to many, many more!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. Congratulations! Have a lovely day both of you. x

  8. My stylist still does that to my hair every time I get it colored and trimmed – in order to get that “bump” on the top. I am in awe. I can’t repeat it at home to save my soul.

    Happy anniversary! I believe MFH and I celebrate ours on your birthday.

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    (my in-laws are celebrating their 40th today)

  10. Happy Anniversary! Happy anniversary! Happy anniversary! Haaaaaaaaaaapppy anniversary!

    (Sung to the tune of The Ride of the Valkyries!)

  11. Happy anniversary lovely DD.


  12. Happy Anniversary, DD and Mr. DD!

  13. Wishing you both a wonderful Anniversary and many many more.

  14. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. DD!

  15. Happy belated anniversay DD and MrDD!

    Damn Bloglines took forever to updated feeds!

  16. Happy Anniversary!

  17. Aw, so sweet. Happiness to you both.

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