Posted by: DD | June 21, 2009


What XBoy said: Today dad’s the boss since it’s Father’s Day.

What I heard: Mom is the boss the other 364 days, so let’s give dad a pity day.



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha – I’m sure that’s exactly what he meant!

  2. As I told Daver who was complaining about the ensuing dishwasher installation (crosses fingers wildly), EVERY day is Father’s Day. As predicted, I got the one fingered salute. With 2 fingers.

    • When I get one of those, I always make a big show of digging around in my purse (or a drawer or the sofa cushions) and exclaim, “look what I found!” and turn around and show him my own one fingered salutation.

  3. Hee hee hee – X-Boy knows what is important!

  4. *Snort* Sounds right!

  5. It must be a woman audio thing, I hear things like that all the time.

  6. LOL! Is there any other way to hear that?

  7. Oddly enough, Joe did stuff for *me* on Father’s day. He cleaned my car & bar-b-qued. Although, BBQ *IS* technically “outside duties” so that falls into his job description.

    We *did* bake him cupcakes & Maggie spelled out HAPPY FATHER’S DAY with those little candy letters.

  8. Well, if he didn’t mean it that we he ought to have! Moms rule 364 . . . that’s a given.

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