Posted by: DD | June 25, 2009


mattMatthew, Matthew, Mathew *shaking my head in disappointment*

You are one f-i-n-elooking specimen, but seriously? You. Is. Stoopid.

…And as anyone who’s lost a parent can tell you, when a loved one like that ‘moves on’ – after grieving, one looks for some inspiration from the loss, some lesson to learn, something constructive to take through life in their absence.”

He continued, “For me, it was a few words, that became a sort of a personal mission statement: j.k livin. Where the j is for just, the k is for keep, and there’s no g on livin’, because life is a verb.”

“…there’s no g on livin’, because life is a verb.”

What does that even mean??!

Hey, eyes over here. No matter how hard you stare, the cropped area of that picture is not going to drop.

Whatever you do, Matt, do not stop working out, and maybe, juuuuust maybe, you might want to take a break from the ol’ wacky weed.

meganAnd speaking of having gorgeous genes but limited brain function, I almost gave myself a seizure rolling my eyes after reading this about Megan Fox:

She’s quite happy to discuss drugs, sex and even flatulence but take this example of her discussing her ‘Brian’ tattoo – dedicated to on/off boyfriend Brian Austin Green.

She said: ‘I wouldn’t regret the tattoo if we weren’t together. I can always have a kid and name him Brian. There are options.’

Megan, where were you after Angelina and Billy Bob broke up??! What a brilliant suggestion! I like the way you think. *winking and tapping finger to forehead*



  1. He is hot though.


  2. I’m no English major, but I’m pretty sure life is a NOUN.

    And there’s no g on livin’ because you don’t know how to enunciate properly.

    But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure that when the walls talk to you again, they will assure you of your absolute smartitude. And no, I don’t think pot smoking affects brain function…at all.

  3. Wait, what stupid thing did he do now?

  4. Definitely a prat.

  5. Definitely arm candy. Looks great until he opens his mouf. Er, mouth.

  6. I guess you can’t have The Pretty and The Smart.

  7. Just can’t look at old Matthew without thinking “stinky.” Doesn’t matter how hot you are, you still need to wear deodorant buddy.

  8. He has little tiny forearms. That’s all I see when I look at him for some reason.

  9. I’m still waiting for the page to lower….

  10. And MAN I kept looking at the bottom of the picture hoping it would drop, and I’m not even into the action shots.

  11. Sigh.

    Yeah, because naming your child after your ex-boyfriend should do wonderful things for your mother-son relationship.

  12. He has dingle berries, I am sure of it.

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