Posted by: DD | June 25, 2009


A final quote from an article on on the latest divorce fiasco with Jon and Kate:

The couple said they would keep the Pennsylvania house they share with their kids – twins Cara and Mady and sextuplets Colin, Hannah, Leah, Joel, Aaden and Alexis – and take turns living there, and take any other measures necessary to minimize the disruption in their children’s lives.

“…take any other measures necessary to minimize the disruption in their children’s lives.”

I’m just guessing here, but I’ll bet that does not include cutting back on their show’s production. Do Jon and Kate really not know who Danny Bonaducci is? That is what the future holds for all eight of those kids.

What a couple of hypocritical narcissists.



  1. God no! We can’t cancel the show! God forbid they did something to take themselves out of the limelight.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Oh, I’m sure you could have. I’m in the mood to gripe and they were easy targets.

  3. …Take any other measure?

    Okay, other than, say, not cheating on your wife, not hyping a divorce for money, not being on the show in the first place, bla bla bla

    Also, one of my first thoughts was “Oh yes, child support for 8 kids, that’ll be a larf,” and then I figured that he’ll probably just cut some sort of deal where she keeps doing the show and gets the proceeds in lieu of child support.

  4. I am so glad these 2 plus 8 have not made it over here.

  5. I hope for the kids sake J&K are putting away most of the money they are making from this show into a therapy fund.

    Both should be ashamed of their behavior. It makes me want to punch them both in the throat, take the kids and raise them myself.

  6. Whenever I think about these people I just get pissed about poorly-executed reproductive medicine.

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