Posted by: DD | June 29, 2009


Our rabbit, Potter, lives in a large cage – a rabbit run, if you will – and has a covered hutch inside of it that he sleeps in. Every couple of days (or once a week if you are me), the hutch needs to be cleaned out since it doubles as his outhouse.

The other day, I made an unpleasant and very odd discovery when I lifted the lid off his hutch.

On top of the straw, just inside the little doorway, was a dead baby bird.

Granted, above the cage, there is a robin’s nest, so you can easily deduce where the bird came from. For whatever reason, it had fallen out of the nest and into the rabbit’s cage. It would have easily dropped through the wire on top but was prevented from falling through to the ground by the much smaller spaced wiring used on the floor of the cage.

But that’s where it gets odd. You see, the baby bird had fallen inside of the cage. There’s no way it could have fallen into the hutch because it has a lid on it, and the cage’s lid is positioned over that. The baby bird, if it had been alive when it had fallen, also could not have crawled its way into the hutch because there’s a lip on the doorway that keeps the bedding inside the hutch. The only logical explanation for how the baby bird ended up inside the hutch is that Potter had carried it into the hutch.

I would like to believe that Potter found the distressed baby bird and some kind of instinct prompted him to take it inside his hutch to keep it safe. It’s unlikely, but heck, you never know. It wasn’t because Potter had decided to try a miniaturized version of roast duck, either, because the baby bird’s tiny body showed no outward sign of injury in the way of bites or scratches.

To me, it was a bit of a sad discovery, and really pretty irrelevant, but thought I’d share it with you anyway.



  1. I’m was depressed before, and now I’m suicidal.

  2. Sounds like Potter had a profound experience.

  3. Oh…. if only Potter could talk! Since he didn’t harm the little visitor, he might be enjoying the company, and maybe he is quietly asking for a Mrs. Potter or even just a Potter friend.

    • There will definitely be NO Mrs.

  4. Oh now that is just heartbreaking. Poor baby bird. And I could see the bunny taking care of it.

  5. I was going to say that he was probably lonely, but ohn beat me to it.

    My MIL’s neighbor has 8 bunnies (albino babies and a mom) and my MIL was trying to get us all to take one home. The grandkids fed some clover flowers to them, and fortunately, left them in their cage. Must be a bunny story Monday…

  6. Hmm – altruistic rabbit – somehow I doubt it. At least he didn’t maul it.

  7. Perhaps Potter had read about the Owl, the Pussy Cat and thier pea green boat and was planning a trip with his new found friend before it perished.

    • Well…we do have some owls out here. The BIG kind.

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