Posted by: DD | July 15, 2009


timeToday is the last day I will ever be pregnant.

Today is the last day I will feel the kicks and turns of a baby from the inside.

Today is the last day I will be the mom to one child.

Today is the last day I will wish to be over soon before I start hoping the tomorrows never come.

Today was a year ago.

The tomorrows still come.

Each one faster than yesterday.



  1. Yes, you made me tear up. It is a great time to be a Mom.

  2. “Each one faster than yesterday.”

    Aint it the truth….

    Happy Birthday-eve, Z-Girl

  3. Bittersweet…

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday ZGirl!

    • Happy Birthday ZGirl!!!

  5. I never realized how quickly time passes until I became a mother.

  6. It’s gone scary fast. Hope ZGirl has an amazing ladybug party.

  7. Yep. Don’t blink.

    What time is cake?

  8. Wow, happy one day early birthday, Z-girl.

    The days do fly by.

  9. Happy birthday z-girl!

    I have to admit that on Monday night I was looking at Tessa’s newborn photos and thinking about her approaching first birthday and my husband found me in a puddle.

  10. WOW!! A year already!! Happy birthday little one!!

  11. How incredible that it has been a year already. Happy first birthday to ZGirl! I am tearing up over this post.

  12. This made me weepy! Happy Birthday Z-girl!

  13. Beautiful poem. And so very, very true. I cannot believe Zgirl is a year old already! Happy birthday little one!

  14. Happy,Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SWEET LIL GIRL!!! Hope you soak up every minute of the day with her 🙂

    • Sadly, I have to be at work. I gave the daycare one of our older digital cameras and asked them to snap pictures of her throughout the day. 😦

  16. Happy Birthday a day late dear ZGirl! I am so happy that you made the DDs a family of four. Someday I will meet you and your momma and you and Marjorie will be the best of long distance friends, just like I think of you Momma as one of mine.
    Behave and don’t grow up too fast.

    Love, hugs and lots of kisses from your “Auntie” in Wisconsin.

  17. Happy Birthday dear little ZGirl!

  18. Happy Birthday Z Girl!

  19. So does this mean it was 9 months ago that I finally mentioned your new offspring and congratulated you? It must.

    Happy birthday Z Girl! I saw the FB photo of her standing up looking all cute and I couldn’t believe it. Sigh.

  20. *Insert tears here*

    Happy Birthday!

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