Posted by: DD | July 20, 2009


Since it seems not only self-indulgent, but a bit asshole-y to privately ask you this (and even though you probably expect nothing less from me), for those of you who still have T.K.O…more or less with the tko.typepad.comlink associated with it, would you mind updating your link, purty-please?

Boy. That didn’t sound at ALL self-indulgent or asshole-y, did it. *eye roll*



  1. Uh, oops. Yes, it was me. Done now.

    • Nope. It’s not just you. It’s out there in tons of places. Even blogs that aren’t being updated, but if I can get the ones that are…

  2. Done already, and yes this time marked “public” goof me!

  3. Shit, something technical before breakfast. Actually I will have to read this request again later because I have no idea how to do what you are asking. Could you rephrase and give me its country of origin?

  4. As you wish.

  5. Yes, when I get the time, be patient.

  6. I really didn’t need ONE MORE THING to do right now, ya know?


    Now Done. 😉

  7. oops, I was one of those. Changed it.

    Except, now I see that I really need to check and update all of my links…

  8. I will, I swear it. I will also go in and get rid of all the defunct blogs and add in the fifty new ones that I read. Soon. I promise!

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