Posted by: DD | September 3, 2009


Be honest with me.

Exactly how old were you when you became a responsible adult and remembered to pack tampons/pads/those crazy rubber insertable devices/etc. into your purse JUST IN CASE?

Please tell me I’m not the only woman who is most likely peri-menopausal with regular periods that STILL can’t get that right.

I’m even still struggling with getting my underwear on right-side-out on a regular basis.

Just so you don’t think I’m a total nincompoop, I have never applied a pad and THEN put my underwear on inside out. However, if you have, please fess up to take away a bit of my humiliation.

* The approximate number of menses** I’ve had.

** Funny how menses and mensa*** are so similar.

*** I bet menstruating mensa members remember to pack tampons.



  1. Hmm, well, I think I was 17. Why? Because I got my period at boyfriends house and didn’t have anything and I was staying the weekend.

    And I had to ask his MOM if she had anything. And she wasn’t one of those cool, hip moms either*. Embarassment like that will always make me put a tampon/pad in my purse/bag/etc.

    *You might think that letting her sons girlfriend stay the night would make her a ‘cool’ mom. However, the only reason I was staying over was because we were going to a concert early the next day that took place closer to his house, she begrudgingly allowed me to stay over.

  2. Sometimes I have something in my purse from the last time, but I never stock up in advance. Of course, the only places I ever go are home and work and I have stockpiles at both places.

    However, ever since they stopped putting tags in my underwear, it takes me a looong time to figure out which way is right side out. By the 5th washing, the printed label is usually missing, and I can’t seem to tell by the seams.

  3. I now only have a few periods a year. YEAH! Bring on the change on life, YES!

    I often forget and don’t want to more since I currently have what is most likely a lifetime supply. I really should put some in my purse. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. When you have periods like I had b.c. (before contraception) you learned from jump street to always have something tucked away in your purse. I remember being in 10th grade, in broad daylight, walking home from school with my hoodie tied around my waist because I bled through my maxi and through my putty colored cargoes.

    I keep a little hot pink tampon case in my desk drawer, there is a box of “supplies” at teh trailer, there are always at least 2 tampons & 2 panty liners in the little secret zipper compartment of my purse.

    I guess it just depends on how many episodes of public embarrasment you’ve experienced.

  5. Your last hunch is a tongue twister I’m going to teach my boys. I bet it will be a hit on the schoolbus.

    I didn’t bleed for the first time until I was 15. I didn’t want anyone to know I didn’t “get mine” yet so I carried pads in my locker in case anyone needed one in an emergency. I was oh so hip.

    What do you mean these are like mattresses! No! I don’t have a tampon!

    In my 20s or 30s if I was a day late, I’d wear white. Never failed that I’d get my period if I was wearing white.

    I’m like clockwork now. Never unprepared. My uterus sends out a memo a day before AND calls ahead.

    • I should amend the last note to say: I bet menstruating mensa members remember their mooncups.

      It has a much better “flow”.

  6. Always (with wings!) go with the tongue twister for better flow. No matter how heavy or light.

  7. Hmmm. I have a drawer full of “products” that haven’t seen daylight in 18 months. YAY!

    Maybe I could put them in a bag and BigD would drop them off at goodwill*

    *refer to my comment on your last post.

  8. heh…. I’m ALWAYS caught without supplies… even in my HOME!!!!

    I also have extenuating circumstances. However, it will probably be a LOOOOOOONG time before I go out in public again without some “backup”. I’ve had no less than TWO humiliating experiences so far this year…. some days it really sucks to be a woman…

    I’m going back to my chocolate coma now….

  9. I have supplies at home and in my office. Since I had S THREE years ago, I am very irregular. Which sucks because I was always regular before. I also have a much lighter flow than I did before. I’m sure I”m perimenopausal as well. Sigh.

    • Oo, irregularity hadn’t even crossed my mind…I’m having my first period in nearly 2 1/2 years! Hmm…

  10. I have a tampon and a liner in my work bag so no dice on my days off/w/ends.

  11. I forgot supplies on a 1 day business trip. I was late to a meeting because I had to stop at a walmart in the middle of north carolina to get tampons.

    Oh and just this past fall I was standing in line to use the bathroom (fortuitously) before the 1/2 marathon that I’d trained for when I got my period. No supplies. No supplies in the bathroom. I ended up not doing the race and going home really really pissed off.

  12. At least you didn’t forget how far to insert it.


  13. I think I just started remembering this year, to be honest. For the longest time, I used the ones with cardboard applicators and paper wrapping, and it always seemed like they would tear while in my purse. I wasn’t about to use one that was open in my purse, so I never carried them. Then I started using the OB ones. They’re tiny enough that I just keep a couple in my purse at all times.

    Mind you, they’re also tiny enough that they get caught in the edge of my wallet sometimes. It’s a bit embarrassing to pull out your wallet to pay for something and have a tampon fall out.

  14. I *love* OB. They are small enough (just like Erin says). They are amazing! Plus, they have awesome carriers that keep a couple together in a little package so even if they fall out, it looks like a little coin purse.

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