Posted by: DD | September 4, 2009


Mr. DD brought home sweet corn tonight. Even though it’s getting late in the season, many vendors around here plant in shifts about a week apart for several weeks so they don’t end up with one or two good weeks, but can sell corn for almost eight or more.

ZGirl has taken quite a fancy to it. It doesn’t even need to be cooked for her to enjoy. We can hand over an ear of corn freshly husked, and she’ll gnaw on that happily for some time. Of course, it’s much better (IMHO) cooked with a little butter and seasoning, but she doesn’t mind either way. She even stood up on the tippiest of her toes trying to grap the ears Mr. DD had just cleaned, and when she realized she just couldn’t quite reach them, threw herself into a tizzy.





(Gotta wash it all down…)



Viva la corn!!

Did you notice the Husker shirt? You didn’t?

NOW did you??



  1. Corn on the cob was one of the ways I could get my kids to concentrate on something other than whining for a few minutes. It takes a lot of work 😉

  2. We’re at the tail end of our sweet corn season, too. It makes me sad, because that truly marks the end of summer.

  3. She is adorable! We have not tried corn yet with Samuel. My DH won’t eat it off the cob (he cuts it off) so its too much trouble.

    • Then he can cut the corn off his cob, but you could alawys let Samual have a quarter cob and see how he does with it.

  4. We just let our girl start gnawing on our corn this year. She loves the corn – on the cob or not. It forces me to get over the “I hate other people’s saliva touching my food or drink” issues that I have. Well, not really – I just stop eating whatever she’s slobbered on.

    All I can see is a little red shirt that may or may not have letters on it. You are seriously overestimating my powers of deduction to imagine that I could get huskers out of that…

  5. omg soooooo cute!!!!

  6. Ok, that last picture is my current favorite Zgirl pic! (And it’s not because of the Husker shirt.)

  7. I can’t help it I have to ask… What is a husker?

    Zgirl is poifect, those eyes, those teeth, that corn eating scrumptiousness. she is adorable.

  8. Too funny. I took pics of Chloe in her Husker onesie this weekend too, just for the game. Do people in other states do this?

    let’s see if I can post it…

  9. What about this…

    • Ok, I give up.

  10. Oh, how I miss GOOD Iowa sweet corn. I’m assuming it’s probably *almost* as good in NE! 🙂 I grew up on a farm and we provided sweet corn to a local restaurant every day for about 8 weeks of summer so it was a staple of my childhood.

    When I smell the smell of fresh sweet corn, it takes me back… way back.

    The sweet corn here in California will never compare.

  11. OMG she’s just so freaking cute. Sorry she’s got a rash now, I hope it goes away soon.

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