Why Yes, It *IS* All About Me

I live in Nebraska. My home town has a population of less than 1000, but I currently live in one of the larger Small Towns (or is it the smaller Big Cities?) here in the Midwest.

I am DD and have Secondary Infertility. Yes, even now when we are done. We had been trying to have another baby since Fall 2004.

I am 42 and Mr. DD is 45…

We are the parents to XBoy, who is the 8yr old Miracle Child (conceived easily and naturally – who does this anymore?!); and now the parents of a baby girl (not  conceived easily, but after nine failed ART cycles made up of IUIs, IVFs, an FET and the one successful donor ovum cycle).

Here’s a bulleted timeline:

  • 1992, December – First comes love.
  • 1997, June – Then comes marriage.
  • 2001, December – Then comes us pushing a baby carriage.

Lilypie Kids birthday Ticker

After that? Well, that’s when everything started coming apart. Details can be found in archives.

2004, November – We miscarried a girl, Vivienne (aka Baby May as that was the EDD in 2005 and my first nickname for her) at 15w GA. Miscarriage #1.

2005, January – An unconfirmed chemical pregnancy (not counting in future tally). Positive pregnancy test, followed by a period a week later. Negative beta.

2005, July – Had our first meeting with an RE after waiting an official six months, per our OB’s instructions since our first two pregnancies were easily obtained, but now unable to get pregnant. Initial diagnosis? Male Factor.

2005, August – IUI #1 with injections. Negative.

2005, September – IUI #2 with injections. Negative. With poor semen analysis, we were advised to go to IVF.

2005, December – IVF/ICSI. Positive. Chemical Pregnancy. EDD September 2006. Miscarriage #2.

2006, April – IVF/ICSI. Negative.

2006, January – FET. Cancelled. Embryos arrested.

2006, October – dIUI (Donor Sperm). Positive. Heart stopped at 8w, just a day before my first miscarriage’s anniversary in November. Her nickname was Wolf. EDD June 2007, right before my 40th Birthday. Miscarriage #3.

2007, February – dIUI. Negative. We were told to consider a donor egg cycle, but we wanted to try one more IUI.

2007, May – IUI (no donor as Mr. DD’s SA was the best it had ever been). Positive. Chemical Pregancy. EDD February 2008. Miscarriage #4.

2007, October – Donor Egg w/Mr. DD’s sperm. Positive. Gave birth to a perfect baby girl, ZGirl (formerly known as “Murdock” as a nod to our RE), July 2008.

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Knocked up…then knocked down, my old Blogger blog refered to my birthing (in)abilities as my first pregnancy was successful. Since then, I’ve now had five confirmed and one professionally unconfirmed pregnancies, ergo the knocked down.

T.K.O. – my old TypePad blog – stood for “Technical Knock Out” as that’s what I was: technically knocked out of the baby-making business, but I was not been beaten down for the count. I’ve decided that after as many blows to my head (and heart) I’ve taken, I’ve become quite Punch Drunk, another boxing term that explains most retired boxers’ inability to tie their own shoes.

This blog now contains all those posts, years past and present. I am blessed. I am bitter. I am not your Bloglines’ Mommy Blogger. I just am.


If you would like the password to the protected posts, please email me at punchdrunk@rocketmail.com or leave a comment. Thanks!



  1. I would like the password, please, although I understand if you’re hesitant. I’ve been by a few times (via Shinny’s) and Flicka’s, although I don’t think I’ve commented.

    Ahem. I’m Jess. Hi!

  2. Testing.

  3. I FINALLY decided to bite the bullet and comment. I just HAD to give my congratulations on the birth of your daughter. (might have done it sooner, if i wasn’t mid-move).

    I’ve actually been lurking in stalker-ish fashion for a few weeks now. I was looking for a way to legally fire my realtor. For some unknown reason, your blog post about your awful experiences with your realtor came up… Well, it was more or less completely useless in helping me fire my realtor, BUT it DID make me laugh!!! So I lingered, and read a few more posts. And a few more… and a few more…. until after about 100 or so, my husband asked me if I was EVER coming to bed … lol… I guess, what I really want to say is thank you. For sticking it out, and posting the trials and tribulations you’ve had with secondary infertility. It’s reassuring to see that someone can go through this and still keep their sanity and sense of humor.

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  5. I saw the picture of your daughter’s face rash and my 21 month old son has a rash that looks exactly the same. He has had it for 6 weeks and we can’t figure out what it is. Did you ever figure out what your daughter’s rash was from? Thanks so much!

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